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Shana Ferrigan Bourcier shana at infiniteworth.net
Tue Mar 13 12:30:56 EDT 2007

For those of you desiring educational reform and working on transforming the
cultural consciousness here in the US and beyond, you'll want to tune into
this PBS program featuring Marcus Buckingham (details below)
<http://www.marcusbuckingham.com/> www.marcusbuckingham.com.  His
groundbreaking ideas are promoted by Harvard Business School and taking
corporate American by storm.  The program not only debuts his new book, Go
Put Your Strengths to Work, but also highlights the award-winning,
revolutionary, strengths-based educational model and curriculum developed by
the Purnell School in New Jersey.   <http://www.purnell.org/page/2100>
http://www.purnell.org/page/2100  Marcus and Jenifer (School Director) are
currently on a national tour, hitting most major cities (Boston last week)
to promote this "strengths revolution."  Forward the calendar to friends
around the country.   <http://www.strengthsmovement.com/?page_id=6>
The consulting initiative within Infinite Worth (my company) is driven by a
vision to illuminate, empower and equip organizations (business, not for
profit, and education) to thrive and prosper using this and other emerging,
transformational ideas and paradigms.  I am available on a limited basis for
private consultation and workshops with organizational leaders and am
interested in connecting with individuals who share the passion to
collaborate for higher impact and effect.  Drop me a line @
<mailto:shana at infiniteworth.net> shana at infiniteworth.net.
cheers ~

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From: Kevin Small [mailto:Kevin at MarcusBuckingham.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 12:46 AM
To: Kevin Small
Subject: Invitation for Marcus Buckingham's Live appearance on Boston PBS
(WGBH) on Wednesday, March 14th at 7:30pm EDT on Channel 2
Importance: High

You are cordially invited to watch the LIVE debut presentation of Marcus
Buckingham's Go Put Your Strengths To Work on Boston PBS (WGBH) on
Wednesday, March 14th at 7;30pm EDT!



Shot on the thrust stage of the atmospheric Guthrie theatre, Go Put Your
Strengths to Work reveals that less than two out of ten of us play to our
strengths most of the time. The show exposes the three myths that prevent
most of us from living a strong life, and reveals the three new
strengths-based truths we must forge in their place.   Building on these
truths, Marcus shows us why our strengths are not merely ""what we are good
at," why each of us is the best judge of our own strengths, and how we can
use the activities of a regular week to pinpoint precisely what ours are.  


At the heart of the show is Purnell School (www.Purnell.org
<http://www.purnell.org/> ), a high school for girls with learning
difficulties, whose curriculum is dedicated to helping each student identify
and contribute her strengths.  Through the passion of Jennifer Fox, the
headmistress, and the experiences of seven of the girls-all of whom we meet,
both on video and in the audience-we learn how we can save our children from
the remedial world most of us suffered through, and how all homes, all
workplaces, and indeed all schools, can be changed to become explicitly


Elegantly shot in High Definition, Go Put Your Strengths To Work takes us
back to that time when we were nine or ten, a time when we listened to our
passions and yearnings more intently than we did to the well-intended voices
of our parents, our teachers, and our managers, and, while never dismissing
the realities of the real world, challenges us to reclaim it.  



First, there are very few outlets on Television for personal development
content.  Public Broadcasting has a rich history of appealing to a
thoughtful demographic.  Several times each year they air pledge shows.
These programs help raise the critical support needed to keep stations on
the air.  We at the Marcus Buckingham Company believe and support Public
Broadcasting and WGBH.  That's why we selected to air Go Put Your Strengths
To Work only on PBS stations nationwide.



The success of this show is dependent on viewers who watch and respond with
pledge commitments.  We need your help in three ways:

1.  Watch Marcus' show Go Put Your Strengths To Work on Wednesday, March
14th at 7:30pm EDT on WGBH Channel 2

2.  Make a pledge to WGBH.  Your gift will entitle you to receive the new
DVD of the program and special edition version of Marcus' short film,
Trombone Player Wanted.

3.  Tell your friends and colleagues to support the strengths movement by
watching the show on 3/14 at 7:30pm on Channel 2



This show would not have been possible if it weren't for the help of two
very special companies.  Together Best Buy and Hampton Hotels made this show
come to life.  We would like to thank the fabulous teams led by Brad
Anderson (Best Buy) and Phil Cordell (Hampton Hotels).  If it wasn't for
these two companies - this show would not have come to life.


If you have any questions about the airing of this show - please don't
hesitate to email me direct.  I look forward to joining you on 3/14 for
Marcus' presentation of Go Put Your Strengths To Work.




Kevin Small


The Marcus Buckingham Company

5927 Balfour Court, Suite 206

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Direct Office: 706-688-8596

Fax:  678-318-1363




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