[Hidden-tech] Asterisk Consultant needed

Russell Birchall birchall at rocketmail.com
Sun Jul 29 22:48:06 EDT 2007

My employer, a small private school in CT, has a
NEC/Nitsuko PBX (no longer in production) running
NEC's NVM-2000 voicemail app.  The voicemail program
is a DOS app running on what appears to be an old 286
or 386 box that is starting to make strange internal
Our current vendor is quoting $15000 to upgrade the
voicemail, but I'd like to look at alternatives.
Specifically I'm interested in finding someone who has
experience with the open source Asterisk program from
Digium and seeing if it's possible to get the Asterisk
voicemail working with this legacy system.  (We are
not ready to move to a full VOIP setup just yet.)

Russ Birchall

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