[Hidden-tech] Wanted: web site design/maintainance

hiddentec at p98n.com hiddentec at p98n.com
Wed Jul 18 11:31:15 EDT 2007

I'm passing this request on from the Shutesbury Town Administrator; I  
have any further information, please use contact info below.

Small Town Administrators of Massachusetts (STAM)

STAM is looking for someone who can design and maintain a web
page (similar to other towns Home Page) for our organization.
Uses of the web page will be primarily for the posting and
retrieval of important information (like a “electronic library”).
For example one town administrator can post a job description or
a by-law of interest for other town administrators.  We see this
as an important resource to gather information, learn how to do
something, or share “best practices” among our peers.  We
envision this web page to be used by town municipal/town
administrators in Massachusetts and will have links to other
important resources.  We are looking for something that is
simple, effective and not too costly.  Please breakdown design
costs (one time) and maintenance cost, so we will have an idea of
the annual maintenance costs in future years.

Interested parties can email their interest/proposal by August
17, 2007 to David C. Dann, townadmin at shutesbury.org or call (413)


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