[Hidden-tech] printer needed

Reva Reck reva at revareck.com
Tue Jul 17 13:37:04 EDT 2007

You should talk to Sandy Sarlo of Choctaw Ridge. She does quality work & 
provides great service at reasonable prices. I've cc'ed her on this so 
you'll have her email address.

Reva Reck


reva at revareck.com


Roz Copplestone wrote:
>   ** The author of this post was a Good Dobee.
>   ** You too can help the group
>   ** Fill out the survey/skills inventory in the member's area.
>   ** If you did, we all thank you.
> I am looking for information on a company or someone who is reliable 
> that would be able to print up some book marks. They need to be on 
> heavy paper and would need to be cut as well.
> If anyone has any information it would be a big help.
> Rosalind Copplestone
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