[Hidden-tech] Digital camera recommendations?

Matt Lampiasi mattl at florenceit.net
Mon Jul 16 17:46:45 EDT 2007

Hi Deb

You made me realize an interesting thing and that is that I also have no 
idea on the correlation between dpi and pixels. However I can tell you 
that you basically need more pixels for larger prints. a good 7-8 
megapixel camera will print impressively sharp 8x10's. you can print 
4x6"'s with pretty much any cheap 2+ megapixel camera. generally (now 
that i think of it) at resolutions better than 300dpi. if you print a 
8x10" with a  photo from a cheap 2 megapixel it will be very very 
pixelized (ie: sort of grainy). i bought my latest at iris photo, im 
sure they have some stuff in your range and can answer those questions 
easily. if you can find parking.

i found this which might help:

Deborah Chandler wrote:
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> Hi everyone,
> It has become inevitable that I need to buy a digital camera. The most 
> important criteria is that it be compatible with my Mac G4 running 
> OSX, that it's reliable/troublefree, and in the lower price range 
> (meaning I'd be happy if it were only $100.-150). Also, there will be 
> times when I want the image for 300 dpi. print publication. (I am a 
> graphic designer, yet i haven't researched the correlation between 
> megapixels and dpi yet...)
> If you have experience with these cameras and/or a great referral to 
> someone who does, I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have a 
> new or  used camera for sale, I would consider buying it from you, and 
> feel that I can trust a transaction with someone on this list, whereas 
> I feel very wary of buying on eBay.
> I look forward to hearing back from someone soon, as I need this 
> camera very soon, like within the next few days...
> And for those of you who referred tenant lawyers to me, thank you so 
> much. I called three of them, and two were able to give me some good 
> advice over the phone, no charge. I appreciate that. And I appreciate 
> that, in one instance, there was a three-way referral! I hope I am 
> able to help others in the same way soon.
> Thanks,
> Deb Chandler
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Thank you,

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