[Hidden-tech] Vonage or something similar?

Sven Kielhorn sven at mywan.com
Fri Jul 13 16:29:43 EDT 2007

I tested Vonage some time ago, and I am in agreement with the comments below regarding QoS, voice quality may 
vary which may be unacceptable in a business environment where excellent voice quality is expected.
Secondly, I have observed that Vonage tends to have a trunking shortage with high call volume, meaning, if you 
are on a call and a second caller calls then the second caller may get a fast busy signal instead of routing to 
voice mail. I was made aware of the trunking problem first hand many times. Therefore, Vonage may be OK for the 
home but not necessarily for a business.

Sven Kielhorn
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On Fri Jul 13 18:27 , Matthew Crocker  sent:

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>> Hi
>> Ive seen a  few skype compatible phones around:here's one Linksys  
>> cit300. they retail for about $90.
>> there are other brands ive read about that are essentially the  
>> same, you might find a better price than that on something else.  
>> (My experience is vonage with a  router supporting QOS works good,   
>> 97% of the time)
>A router on your end of the link will only control the QoS of the  
>traffic you are sending to the Internet (i.e you will sound great to  
>your callers).  It does nothing to help inbound QoS, that has to be  
>done on the other end of the link by your service provider.   This is  
>what NetNeutrality is all about.  An ISP could easily kill Vonage or  
>any other ITSP by destroying the QoS on their trafic.
>Ideally you would want to find a VoIP provider that can also provide  
>your Internet bandwidth (but I'm biased).    I prioritize my VoIP  
>traffic from my switch on my network.  All of my VoIP leaves my  
>network as TDM.  guaranteed call quality, 100% of the time.  I can  
>also provide true business PBX service off my switch,  4 digit  
>dialing, unified messaging.  You can't really do that with Vonage  
>(last I checked).
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