[Hidden-tech] Vonage or something similar?

Tish Grier tishgrier at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 14:11:58 EDT 2007

Depending on your cable company, you might have VoIP available thru them.  I've got VoIP through Charter.  Right now, the rate's pretty low--will go up though after a year.  For the most part, it's good.  Occasionally there are some strange little outages, but they never last all that long.  And, one thing a friend and I found:  sometimes VoIP to VoIP is a little screwy--doesn't make the connection or there's a delay.

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        Hi hidden-tech folks,
  I'm considering ditching my Verizon local phone service for something IP-based...has anyone had a particular good experience with any of the Vonage et al companies out there?
  Thanks in advanced for any replies...
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