[Hidden-tech] Equipment Giveaway or Recycle......

John Danek jdanek at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 4 13:29:07 EDT 2007

I've got an Agfa Repromaster 1300 that is in excellent condition ( also 
have a darkroom light, halftone screens, pos and reverse film, and 
processor ). It was used for creating enlargements, reductions, 
duplicates, and halftone photographs for newsprint ads and tshirt 
graphics. I know very few companies will have use for it now that the 
digital age is upon us, but if anyone would have a use for it, you are 
welcome to contact me. Or, if anyone knows of a recycler that would take 
it, please let me know. Thank you.  Contact: John M. Danek, 413/534-5162 
( land ),
413/374-5137 ( cel ), eMail = jdanek at earthlink.net.


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