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On Jul 24, 2007, at 10:12 AM, Jeff Rutherford wrote:

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> I'm using a Mac.
> I regularly need to copy logos and images from websites into a Word  
> document.
> When I was using Windows, I could easily copy the image from a  
> website, and just hit paste in Word. I haven't been able to do that  
> with my Macbook. I have to go through a separate step of saving the  
> image to my desktop, then opening it in Preview, and copying and  
> pasting from there.
> Is there something I'm missing here to make this routine task  
> easier and simpler?
Just drag the image from the website to your Word document. The image  
will be placed in your Word document with resizing handles.

I just tried this on my MBP, OS 10.4.10, Safari Version 3.0.2  
(522.12), Word 2004 for Mac 11.3.5

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