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DAVID F. FARKAS david at farkas.com
Tue Jul 31 18:01:49 EDT 2007


For the last several years I been thinking about trying to find some summer
internship positions for my best and brightest high school Computer Science
students. This is a feeler to determine whether someone out there mind be
interested in kicking this around.

The Williston Northampton School in Easthampton, MA  is a private
co-educational day and boarding school that attracts accomplished students
from around the world. I teach computer programming classes to 9th grade
through post-graduate level students.

Our programming focuses on the use of  VB.NET and Java 5.0. The beginning
class utilizes VB.NET to acquaint students with the OOP environment using
visual tools. The intermediate and advanced students are taught programming
in Java 5.0 using the educationally-oriented BlueJ IDE. The advanced class
is a full year AP-level course and students are required to take the AP
Computer Science test from the College Board at the end of the year.

Students who complete all three of my classes are able to design and code
modest VB.NET and Java projects. Those who excel in the AP Computer Science
class can create functional specifications and, from them, design, code, and
test (unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing) Java
5.0applications. Typically, the students that hang-in there for the AP
also have other technical skills they have acquired on their own like Flash,
Dreamweaver, etc.

So it occurred to me that a summer internship might foster the continued
growth of these students. I'm not sure how to start the ball rolling on
this, so if you have any suggestions, please contact me via email.


Ted Matthias
Academic Computing Coordinator
Computer Science Teacher
The Williston Northampton School
19 Payson Ave.
Easthampton, MA 01027
Office: 413-529-3334 (not in summer)
Mobile: 413-219-8905
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