[Hidden-tech] paid project for resume and cover letter coaching

Jon Reed jonreed at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 22 14:13:17 EDT 2007

Hello Hidden Tech friends.

My friend David Sullivan (a Hampshire College alumn) has moved into a 
leadership position and a private elementary school a couple hours from 
here. Unfortunately, for budgetary reasons, a number of good teachers have 
had to be let go from the school.

The teachers have a career counselor, but what they need is someone who can 
provide practical and useful feedback on resume and cover letters and help 
them optimize their materials for job searching. David estimates 3 to 6 
teachers would use this service and it would be paid time.

So, if you are interested, please email David directly at 
dsullivan at msln.net. I would recommend a detailed email introduction 
describing your background related to this kind of job search support.

I would ask that you don't email me as I won't have any further influence 
on this process nor to I have more details about this other than that it is 
paid project opportunity. He is not looking elsewhere so someone from this 
list should get this work.


I am out of town on business so I'm going to miss the Hidden Tech 
healthcare program on April 24, but I recommend it highly. Some excellent 
work has gone into planning it, and as usual, there will be networking 
opportunities for the first hour from 5-6. Details on the program are on 
the Hidden Tech home page, http://www.hidden-tech.net.

best regards,

Jon Reed
Hidden Tech Steering Committee


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