[Hidden-tech] Project Management Solutions suggestions

andrew bellak andrew at stakeholdersinc.com
Sun Apr 8 08:07:18 EDT 2007

Thank you to those who responded to my inquiry.

For benefit of the list, 3 solutions were mentioned which I list below along
with some information about each:

Basecamp by 37signals, www.basecamphq.com

Free for 1 user, 1 project; monthly subscription pricing for more than 1 & 1

FastTrack Schedule www.aecsoft.com

5 Concurrent-User Version, $2,995

ConceptDraw MINDMAP/Project

30 day free trial, single user = $199; 5 user = $895; 10 user = $1395
All 3 are cross-platform.

One I found, Ace Project, www.aceproject.com

Free for 5 users, 5 projects and 50mb storage space, monthly subscription
prices for more than this

A follow-up question for each vendor is how easily can one port/transfer
project data if/when one wants to switch vendors?


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