[Hidden-tech] Need a Writer?

Steven Solomon ssol at interactiveguild.com
Sat Apr 7 11:01:47 EDT 2007


I am a writer with long involvement in HT that dates to its origin.  
I've been published in trades and commercial publications, and on the  
Web, writing on a variety of topics related to technology and  
culture. Today, I'm looking to work with regional technology  
companies that need to communicate to a non-technical audience. I'm  
conversant in a number of areas that include but are not limited to  
software, engineering, bio-tech and gene science, medicine, polymer  
science, energy tech, new media, traditional publishing, music/ 
culture/tech, organizational development and branding, and so on. If  
there is something that I don't know, I have colleagues from MIT to  
Siberia and points in between that will lend a hand.

So, if any in this community needs somebody who can turn any sort of  
some sort of Geek-speak into plain English, write copy and edit, you  
should drop me a line.

A few rather dated samples of my writing can be found at http:// 
www.interactiveguild.com .

Looking Forward,


Steven Solomon
Writer, Inventor, Near Futurist
ssol at interactiveguild.com

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