[Hidden-tech] Need quick advice on Mac OS 10.2.8, please

Charlton Wilbur cwilbur at chromatico.net
Fri Apr 6 10:07:45 EDT 2007

On Apr 5, 2007, at 5:48 PM, Shel Horowitz wrote:

> 1. How does one defrag a hard drive in OS 10.2.8? I knew how to do  
> it in OS 1-9 but I don't know how with my current system.  
> Performance has gotten really slow the last couple of weeks, and I  
> suspect fragmentation. (Or is there something else I should be  
> doing to restore performance speed?). It has used 34.65GB out of  
> 55.89.

Apple's HFS+ doesn't suffer from fragmentation in the same way that  
Microsoft's FAT32 and NTFS file systems do, and OS X takes great  
pains to keep files smaller than a fairly large size (20MB?  I don't  
remember the number precisely) contiguous on disk at all times.  Odds  
are that something else is wrong.

> 2. Twice this week, I have been unable to wake up this Mac when  
> it's asleep. Both times it was several hours into a massive file  
> upload using YouSendIt (today's was ~680MB, and it got up to 30%  
> within a couple of hours, then just sat there, and then when I came  
> back an hour after I'd last used it, no matter what I did, I got a  
> dark screen with only the power light on). I don't know if a  
> similar problem had occurred the previous time, but I *was* in the  
> middle of an upload.

If it doesn't happen any other time, I'd suspect YouSendIt.  If it  
happens with other programs too, I'd recommend checking to see if  
there's a firmware upgrade for your machine, and considering an  
upgrade to 10.3 or 10.4 -- power management has improved considerably  
since 10.2.


Charlton Wilbur
cwilbur at chromatico.net


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