[Hidden-tech] MAC Questions about switch to OS X from OS 9

Charlton Wilbur cwilbur at chromatico.net
Wed Apr 4 11:35:00 EDT 2007

On Apr 3, 2007, at 7:08 PM, Robert Heller wrote:

> I believe up through 10.3 (tiger?) OSX included a 'Classic Mac'  
> emulator
> (a MacOS 9 emulation mode).  This *probably* is only meaningful for
> legacy applications and would not help with problem 1 above.

Apple includes this in the currently-shipping version of OS X, but it  
only runs on PowerPC Macs.

> It should be possible to install OSX 'over' OS9 and preserve
> everything. Is this what you have or do you have two 'partitions'
> (logical disks)?  If you have two logical disks (partitions), you
> should be able to move all of your data files to the OSX partition.
> You *should* upgrade all of your software (as much as you can) to the
> OSX version.  This might not be possible for some older applications,
> those you'll have to move over as well.  Once everything is moved  
> over,
> the OS9 partition can be wiped and possible merged into the OSX
> partition or just made into a second, empty (for now!) file system and
> your system set to single boot (OSX only).

Both OS 9 and OS X can be installed in the same partition, and the  
choice of which to boot, at least on pre-2003 Macs that support  
booting into OS 9, can be set as a startup preference.  In fact, if  
you want to use Classic, you need to have OS 9 installed so that the  
emulator has access to the support files.  Monkeying with partitions  
is not necessary.

It really does sound like the original poster's computer is in such a  
state that the best route may be to wipe the computer and start fresh  
with OS X, probably in consultation with an experienced Mac tech.


Charlton Wilbur
cwilbur at chromatico.net


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