[Hidden-tech] Digitizing Music academic project

Kevin Bell kbell at gradcenter.marlboro.edu
Wed Oct 18 22:41:36 EDT 2006

Dear all

I have a student who needs mentoring in digitizing of High-end 
(Classical) music for a Project at my college - his overview follows:

The Melodiamos project is designed to connect classical music students 
in isolated areas to a “virtual music school” network of private 
teachers with a high-quality, common bandwidth web solution.

Quality private lessons are a key to musical success that most students 
in rural areas don’t have. Isolated by culture and geography, these 
students are effectively locked out of an entire world of musical 
creation and performance, not to mention a shot at a classical career. 
For teachers, few if any current online lesson sites feature the 
flexible, face-to-face interaction classical musicians demand. 
Melodiamos adapts existing software and hardware to offer an efficient, 
cost-effective solution. Linking teachers to students in differing time 
zones provides scheduling flexibility for both teacher and student. Far 
from mimicking the in person experience, the project delivers to 
students and teachers a resource-enhanced alternative lesson format, 
with tools for musical analysis, portfolio creation and archiving.
Advisor Expertise*
To help me bring this project to successful implementation, I'm seeking 
an advisor/partners with expertise in audio and video compression and/or 
internet broadcasting. I believe the technical requirements of this 
project can be met through creative combination of existing technologies 
and a well-planned organization of teachers and learners.

Please contact me if anyone out there can / or knows someone who might, 
offers ome good advice.
The student would really like to start the discussions asap!

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