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>Hi Jeff,
>Good point! Of course they can, particularly if the work you want 
>them to do involves research, writing, etc . . . That's your call.
>Plus, this is a focus group with faculty and administrators. You may 
>find some project work there, so sign up now!
>At 09:13 PM 10/17/2006, you wrote:
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>>I have an internship question that may or may not have been asked already.
>>I, like many people involved with Hidden Tech, work out of my house.
>>Do the potential interns at next week's event know that many Hidden Tech
>>participants have home-based businesses? I'm just curious if any of these
>>interns will be interested in driving to my house in Conway - kind of a hike
>>from the UMass campus.
>>Has anyone used a UMass intern "virtually?" I was thinking I could meet with
>>them face-to-face to discuss my business and answer questions that they may
>>have about the PR biz, and then I could assign them some tasks virtually.
>>They could do research or other things on their own time, then email me
>>whatever I need.
>>Does that make sense? Will these interns be interested in something like
>>that, or are they expecting to go into a physical office somewhere?
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