[Hidden-tech] my mail's been hijacked!

Rich rich at on-the-net.com
Mon Oct 16 10:54:45 EDT 2006

Not very likely

You are presuming that only your email client can send email from you.
In fact, there is nothing that validates what the 'from address' on a 

You should confirm you have no virus on your system sending email BUT 
since it
is a Mac that is less likely and since the emails are bouncing, they 
went to people
you don't know -- viruses usually send to your address book.

This is one of the risks of having an email address being used over time 
or in many places on the net,
the older or more active an email account is, the more likely it will 
find it's way to a list used by spammers
and that can lead to a spammer sending email with your email as the 
return address.

We had one case of a very popular domain used for a return address and 
it got over 70,000 bounces
within a day.


Juliet Jacobson wrote:
>   ** Be a Good Dobee and help the group, you must be counted to post .
>   ** Fill out the survey/skills inventory in the member's area.
> Has anyone out there ever had their mail client taken over? I woke up 
> this morning to over 300 "mail undelivered" messages for email that I 
> never sent. It seems my email address has been taken over by spammers? 
> or maybe some virus or spyware has installed itself on my computer and 
> is busily sending mail as if it's me? I use a mac G4 (not an intel 
> mac) running system 10.3.9. Any useful info for me? Thanks!

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