[Hidden-tech] Hidden-Tech to be in Sunday Boston Globe

Aron P. Goldman goldman at policydevelopment.org
Fri Oct 13 11:10:51 EDT 2006

"Pioneer Valley also a digital marketplace." This is the lead  
headline in the Oct. 9 Hampshire Gazette (by Nick Grabbe). The  
article, which is mainly about Hidden Tech, talks about all the  
creative and intellectual types hidden away in the valley using  
technology to do their cutting edge work. It does not however mention  
that while we may have creative and intellectual resources, more than  
30 towns in the Valley lack the basic telecom infrastructure  
necessary to do this stuff. Instead we cluster in the few towns that  
do have broadband, struggle with mediocre satellite connections, or  
pay $500+ per month for T1s. Please take a minute to send a letter to  
the editor explaining how, if next generation sustainable economic  
development is what you're after, serious telecom infrastructure  
issues must be addressed (Please also mention SLBC):  
Aron P. Goldman, Chair
Shutesbury-Leverett Broadband Committee
Tel: 413 549 1193

On Oct 13, 2006, at 8:49 AM, A - Z International wrote:

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> Hi all,
> I've had word from a Globe freelancer that her story on virtual  
> companies -- that will feature Hidden-Tech -- is to appear in  
> Sunday's Boston Globe in the WORK section (or something with that  
> word embedded). I gave her quite a few name to reach, but can't say  
> she did. At any rate, I talked to her about you and your super  
> companies.
> best,
> Amy Zuckerman
> Hidden-Tech Founder, Clerk
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