[Hidden-tech] Comcast v. Verizon

Matthew Crocker matthew at crocker.com
Tue Oct 10 14:17:53 EDT 2006

I had Comcast up until very recently.  I couldn't get my own DSL at  
my old house, I can now at my new house.   The biggest problem I had  
with Comcast is their DHCP servers ( the server that gives you your  
IP address) and DNS servers (The server that changes www.google.com  
to an IP address) were always very flaky.  Many times the bandwidth  
was ok but I couldn't get anywhere if I used their DNS servers. At my  
new house I qualify for 1.5mbps DSL and honestly I don't notice the  
speed difference.  Technically, DSL is slower than cable, but cable  
is shared and DSL is not.  I don't know how stable Verizon DSL is  
however, I have never used Verizon Online DSL.


On Oct 10, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Ron Miller wrote:

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> You've probably been over this before, but I'm considering  
> switching from Comcast Cable to Verizon DSL for my ISP.
> I've been having issues with my Comcast Cable (strange,  
> intermittent issues where certain web sites I visit all the time  
> suddenly don't display) and I received an offer from Verizon. For  
> $29.99 per month, I get their highest speed package and they will  
> provide the modem and software (and no installation visit is  
> required).
> In addition, they will give me a $15.00 break on my bill for the  
> first 6 months, meaning I get it for $15.00 a month for 6 months.  
> I'm paying $45  per month now for Comcast Cable.
> I'm wondering if anyone has had both and been able to compare. If  
> not, I typically get download speeds of around 600-700 kbs when the  
> system is running at top speed and I'm wondering how this compares  
> with the Verizon experience.
> Thanks,
> Ron
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