[Hidden-tech] MAC-PC calendaring: lack of synchronicity

Baer Tierkel elvis at sweetmojo.com
Tue Oct 3 13:17:44 EDT 2006

You can use Google Calendar from either machine and then sync it with your
Palm using:



Although, if you don't like GoogleMail, you may not like GoogleCalendar.






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I need to find a new system for keeping track of my calendar, because what I
have right now IS NOT WORKING. What I need is a calendar that I can access
from both my PC and MAC, and be able to update electronically as well.

I am using Entourage 2004 on the MAC (OSX 10.4.7) for email and calendaring,
but can't access that from my Lenovo Tablet PC running Windows XP. I have
been using Google mail on the tablet, which is am not wild about, and would
happy to change.

And I have a Palm Tungsten E PDA that I can't even able to sync up anymore
with the MAC, never mind doing anything with the PC. 

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