[Hidden-tech] important program drew over 30 Hidden-Techies

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Wed Oct 26 08:39:10 EDT 2005

Over 30 people braved lousy weather to attend the health insurance program 
that was superbly designed by Jeanne Yocum of the PR/Programming committee.

State Rep. Ellen Story was in attendance along with three knowledgeable 
insurance agents (see www.hidden-tech.net) for details. Ellen told us we 
can expect some action on a statewide health insurance plan this fall, but 
the details are still being hammered out.

For those struggling with exorbitant health costs today it was recommended 
you meet with an agent and seriously study a variety of plans now available 
in western Massachusetts. There are options, though none of them are 
exactly cheap.

Ellen also warned us to keep tabs on the legislature and inform her, or 
your rep, about your concerns. She pointed out that the more the public 
gets involved, the more direction a state rep have, the more effective they 
can be on your behalf.

So, once again, thanks Jeanne for making it happen.

Amy Zuckerman
hidden-tech founder, co-chair


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