[Hidden-tech] Picking Your Brains

Nancy Fletcher NancyFletcher at charter.net
Thu Oct 13 14:04:27 EDT 2005

Dear Hidden Techies,

This is my first time out. Hi there!

I want to pick your brains about the definition of "branding."

I'm organizing a symposium on branding for my client Bidwell ID.  It's 
going to be Nov. 1 at the Eric Carle Museum and presenters from five 
different sectors will be talking about branding from their points of 
view.  They represent the arts, business, healthcare and higher 
education.  Following the panel, a board of experts will instigate what 
we hope is a lively discussion.   We have decided we need to identify a 
working definition of " branding" at least for purposes of the 
symposium, in order for the discussion to really make sense.  Otherwise 
people will be all over the place with what they think it is.

So I'm collecting definitions.

One that has already been suggested:

The conscious effort of an entity to establish an authentic identity 
and accurate positive associations with that identity in the minds of 
the target market, such that the market will take actions that support 
the viability of that entity.

Any feedback?  Any ideas?  Just email them back to me.

Thanks for your collective brain power.


Nancy Fletcher
Fletcher Associates Public Relations
413 256-3471
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