[Hidden-tech] electric mowers (solar option?)

Matt Lampiasi florenceit at comcast.net
Mon Jul 25 14:54:09 EDT 2005

Interestingly there's an issue on building one that's solar charged in
the latest Home Power magazine (available at Forbes library too) see
www.homepower.com for more info.
That doesn't seem too practical (not hard just time consuming) for your
average person, yet I know they are kind of costly off the shelf, I'd be
interested in hearing what you find out. I bought a push manual one for
the small sections. I know what you mean about the high grass. Curious
about the local company if anyone has more news I hadn't heard of that.

Peter Irvine wrote:

> Any of you environmentally conscious homeowners have recommendations  
> on electric lawnmowers, or solar powered mowers? 



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