[Hidden-tech] Gauging interest in out-of-Valley events

W. Cody Anderson cody.anderson at evenerable.com
Thu Jul 21 19:47:09 EDT 2005

My $0.02:

I think it's really, really great to involve Western Mass.  As a member of
that constituency, I'll speak up and say that it's valuable to me to be able
to make connections and get involved on projects in the Pioneer Valley and
beyond.  (Have laptop, will travel.)

I also would think that PV residents would be interested in securing work in
the Albany/Pittsfield/Great Barrington areas.  There is a huge (and
successful) campaign touting "Tech Valley" (up and down the Hudson River) as
the place to be for tech businesses of all sorts.  In fact, many large and
small nano/biotech companies are moving to the area.  Western Mass
Hidden-Techies (Techers?) are poised to benefit...why shouldn't the rest of
the organization?

HT's strength is in its numbers, and we can't be so myopic as to believe
that these "islands" of professionals (READ: potential Hidden-Tech Chapters)
can't network with each other and, through partnership, be competitive in
the larger regional marketplace.


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Hi all,

I recognize this may be a bad time to try to get a wide-swathe response 
given vacations, etc . . . but I am curious about how many of you are 
interested in meeting counterparts in neighboring regions such as the 
Berkshires, Connecticut and central Massachusetts? Efforts to build 
membership in the Berkshires are already underway, as are efforts to move 
into Worcester County.

How much effort to put into making these connections is the question? And 
what sorts of events would interest you to attend, plus days of week and 
times is another?

The fact that only a handful of members came to Pittsfield on a Tuesday 
night in April, for example, indicated to us that this was a bad time for a 
networking event that involved over an hour drive for some of you.

The next Berkshire effort, as you can see from the Web site, is to try to 
create programming on weekends attached to the sort of event many of you 
might attend. So you can see the posting for the Aug. 14 Tanglewood event 
(with rain date on Aug. 21). We picked the place because many folks around 
here do go to Tanglewood and that it's a lovely place to network, even for 
those of you who don't like classical music.

So could you post your thoughts and interests to the list?


Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair

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