[Hidden-tech] HT Featured in Commonwealth Mag

Marcia Yudkin yudkinyudkin at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 17:10:47 EDT 2005

Of course, it's nice that they featured Hidden-Tech, but
what a negative article!  I find it very depressing that
the author took such a negative stance toward

They make it sound like anyone in their right mind would of
course prefer the "security" of a job and that it's a major
crisis for the country if contract work increases.  Yuck! 

Marcia Yudkin

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> Hi all,
> Hidden-Tech is featured mid-way through an excellent
> article by Michael 
> Jonas in Commonwealth Magazine on the self-employment
> trend. This is a very 
> nice placement for us as the magazine reaches high-level
> state business and 
> government leaders.
> The article info is at
> Or you can enter through www.hidden-tech.net   and go to
> the news section.
> Amy Zuckerman
> Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair
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