[Hidden-tech] Looking for a Sound Recordist !!!

Afranio Torres-Neto webal at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 12:23:46 EDT 2005

  Hello Hidden Tech Members !!!

  I just got this email the other day and maybe someone could help ouit this 
company. If you can send an email to the contact person that would be great. 
I don't mind if you send me an email regarding the project. Her email is 

  Independent Filmmakers Seek Sound Recordist for "Accidents Will Happen"

  August 12 - 16 in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western MA for a short 
film to be shot on the DVZ 100A

  We'd like to find a mixer with some gear (although not absolutely 
  Great food, wonderful working conditions, artistic excellence
  Non-commercial, indie rate

  Contact:  Liz Foley @    liz at elyriapictures.com

  Afranio Torres


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