[Hidden-tech] Seeking Powerbook/iBook donation

Will Loving will at lovingcomputing.com
Tue Feb 8 10:53:09 EST 2005

As many of you know from previous postings, I volunteer as a Programme
Director for World Computer Exchange (WCE), working in particular to assist
getting computer technology into the schools in Zambia. WCE is working in
partnership with "New Vision for Africa", an organization based in Lusaka,
to do this work. 

In a couple of weeks, the director of New Vision for Africa, the Rev.
Abednego Mambwe, will be visiting with me here in Amherst for a couple of
day. He is coming here primarily for the purpose of getting training on
Macs, which made up a third of the computers they received, and in
FileMaker, which will be used by the administrators in the schools that the
computers are going into. (FileMaker donated 1300 licenses to the project).

In order to facilitate his training and his ability to pass along his
training to others when he returns to Zambia, we are trying to locate a used
iBook or G3/G4 PowerBook that could be donated to New Vision for Africa via
World Computer Exchange. WCE sometimes receives donations of PowerBooks and
iBooks, but currently does not have any in their warehouse.

If you have a working G3/G4 Mac that you would be interested in donating to
this project, please contact me off-list. It will be much appreciated and
put to good use. World Computer Exchange will provide a donation receipt for
tax purposes if required. (The only G3 iBook/PB that I'd like to avoid at
this point is the original clamshell model due to various limitations.)


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