[Hidden-tech] Bioinformatics SIG: Feb 10, 5:30p, UMass CmpSci

David Kulp dkulp+hiddentech at cs.umass.edu
Tue Feb 1 16:23:41 EST 2005

Please pass on this notice to interested colleagues.  I'm sending this 
to the list in case there are Hidden-Tech folks who are involved with 
bioinformatics-related work or are interesting to network to find out 
what's going on in the field in industry and academia.  (No promises 
regarding turn-out as this is the first meeting.)  If you have 
questions, feel free to send my an email.

The first Western Mass Bioinformatics "Special Interest Group" will be 
meeting next Thursday, Feb 10, at 5:30 PM in the first floor meeting 
room of the Computer Science Bldg at UMass.

Often, as is the case here, a "SIG" means an academic-industry group of 
professionals interested in a common topic.   This new Bioinformatics 
SIG is an effort to bring together like-minded people for networking 
and educational purposes in western Massachusetts.  If you are engaged 
broadly in computational aspects of biological research, then consider 
joining us for some free food and discussions about research and how 
this nascent group might best serve the local and growing community of 
bioinformatics-related researchers in the valley.  Typically these SIGs 
become a great place to meet others, initiate collaborations, identify 
local funding opportunities, and to learn about the interesting work 
around you.

This event is free and open.  Although this is being held in Computer 
Science, this is not a meeting exclusively for computer nerds or 
engineers; scientists of all kinds are very welcome!  This is a 
regional organization, so Five College academics and local bio-tech and 
related professionals are all invited.

	W. Mass Bionformatics SIG
	Thursday, Feb 10, 5:30pm
	UMass Amherst, Computer Science Building
	Directions: http://www.cs.umass.edu/csinfo/map.html

Thanks for support from the Regional Technology Corporation, UMass 
Office of Industry Liaison and Economic Development, and others.

See you there,

David Kulp
Comp. Sci, UMass
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