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Renat Khasanshyn renat.k at altoros.com
Sun Feb 27 22:56:04 EST 2005

Hi all,

We're heading into a very exciting spring programming line up, but are 
woefully low on PR/Programming help.

I'm particularly concerned because we are planning a major program in 
Holyoke in mid-May with media and state officials  that is designed to 
showcase all members and unveil our skills survey. It will be very hard to 
carry off this program without more backing from members.

No task is terribly onerous, particularly when there are many hands to 
help. Here is what is needed:

* PR/media assistance: Media lists exist and there is plenty of backup from 
the veterans on the PR/Programming committee. For someone who wants to make 
media contacts on a local, regional and national basis, taking over this 
job will be ideal. The work is easy and sporadic. But people who are 
willing to write releases and do media outreach even occasionally are welcome.

* People to open an event: You need to arrive 40 minutes before an event to 
ensure all is OK and get a greeting table prepared.

Please reach me at az at a-zinternational.com if you are interested.


Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair


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