[Hidden-tech] looking for carpenter/cabinet maker?

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I highly recommend Roger Latuner of Craftwork.  He is based in Florence and does lovely, reasonably-priced work.  An old world kind of craftsman.  His phone number is 586-5442.  Best of luck.

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> hello. 
> i'm trying to find someone who is either a carpenter/cabinet maker or who 
> does that sort of woodworking as a hobby. 
> i need a box made to hold my two cameras. i have great bags from porta 
> brace in vermont but when the camera's are all setup for production with 
> lens attachments and shotgun mic's there isn't a bag made that is big enough. 
> so i want to get a very well made box (the fancy corners that mate up with 
> the alternating grooves?) so i can move them around the location or between 
> locations without having to break them down. 
> matthew 
> matthew de Jongh 
> semi-retired internet entrepreneur turned filmmaker... 
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