[Hidden-tech] data recovery

welch welch at betterway.net
Sat Aug 6 13:06:52 EDT 2005

Matt Lampiasi wrote:

Hi Matt - Our company Betterway.net is  building a data / disaster 
recovery  center in Pittsfield. We already have over 1500 sq ft 
contracted  , and another 2000 still available.  We also have full 
racks, partial cabinets, and data back up plans that range from real 
time to batch weekly, etc.  As hidden tech member ourselves ,we would 
like to extend a discount rate to fellow members and referals who come 
from hidden tech.  Give me a call  anytime and maybe we can help-- 
Pittsfield is a lot closer than CA!    Cindy Welch Betterway.net   
413-528-4769 or 413-743-0050

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> Anyone know of any local data recovery places before I send something 
> out to CA?
> Particularly if you have experience with any one company.. was going 
> to use intellirecovery.com


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