[Hidden-tech] Hidden Tech discussion is now live again (note new address)

webmaster webmaster at hidden-tech.net
Mon Nov 22 17:30:31 EST 2004

Greetings Hidden-Tech folks. Thanks for bearing with us as we moved our 
email lists to a different server. The Hidden-Tech discussion list is now 
live again, and with holiday programs coming up, and plans for the new 
year, there's plenty of stuff to talk about.

Note the address, the list is now at:
	 hidden-discuss at lists.hidden-tech.net

Two changes: hidden-discuss not hidden-tec
and our website and lists are at hidden-tech.net

Speaking of those plans, many of our members have ambitious ideas for
Hidden-Tech. Not just for the web site, but in terms of where we can go
as an organization. We're certainly working hard to honor your ideas and
input, but there's always room for more involvement and support from our
members on any number of levels.  We can not do this alone, this is not
for us alone, contributions of all types are required for Hidden-Tech to
survive and thrive.

I'm not going to attempt to list the "next phase goals" of Hidden-Tech in a 
comprehensive way here. Folks are working on everything from major new 
programs in the spring, to web site enhancements, to the creation of new 
dedicated topic forums on our discussion forum. Recently, some technical 
folks have stepped up to assist Rich with some web site integration tasks, 
and that's a welcome development.

Thanks as always for your contributions, and since the list is back up, 
"fire away."

Jon Reed


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