[Hidden-tech] Medical Device Opportunity

Humera Fasihuddin humera at rtacentral.com
Wed Dec 29 15:11:12 EST 2004

Startup company seeking manufacturer with full service capabilities to
manufacture a Class 1, non-invasive medical device.  Final product
includes the following:
(3) Plastics molded components (VA-290 High Impact Polyurethane or EL
700, a polycarbonate/polyester blend)
(1) Integrated molded conductive pill keypad (durometer 50)
(1) Main PCB board (3" x 1")
(1) Battery PCB (1"x1")
(1) flow sensor (OEM)
In addition, the manufacturer is required to be FDA registered and have
GMP (ISO 9001) processes in place. The board electronics require surface
mount assembly along with a small amount of soldering (LCD, connections
to the flow sensor).  Production plastics tooling can be obtained from
domestic or off shore sources.  In process inspection will have
individualized forms outlining specific inspections/tests that are to be
performed.  Customer will supply all molded parts in SolidWorks part
files, as well as Gerber files and assembly drawings for board
fabrication.  Deliverable includes final product completely assembled
and packaged in an individual box, (complete with instruction sheet and
warranty card - supplied by customer).
Eligible companies should contact Humera Fasihuddin at
humera at rtccentral.com.
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