[Hidden-tech] free packing material

Janis S. Gray jsgray at crocker.com
Wed Dec 29 13:18:49 EST 2004

I just received a shipment of heirlooms and furniture that came VERY well protected inside their boxes by Styrofoam panels (some quite large) and/or Styrofoam "chunks" (not the little "peanuts," but bigger pieces that were poured inside a china cabinet, for example, to keep the glass doors from jiggling and breaking in transit). I could take them to Mailboxes, Inc., but I'd rather give them to someone who has a home or small out-of-home business and could use packing materials to safely ship products to customers, (Any painters, sculptors, potters, etc. out there?) If you live in the Amherst area, I'll even deliver them! I also have some LARGE cardboard pieces that were used to separate items within cartons, or were parts of cartons themselves.

Let me know!

Janis Gray
413 259-1584
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